15 The second term revision Grade 7 mới nhất


1. Would you like_________a soccer match on TV at my house tonight?

 A. see B to see C. sees D. seeing

2. How old _________ she _________on her next birthday?

 A. will/be B. was/ф C. can/be D. is/ф

3. My house is very beautiful. It’s _________beautiful _________Lan’s.

 A. more/to B. more/ф C. than/more D. more/than

4. Nam is _________student in my class.

 A. the good B. the better C. the best D. A&B

5. Summer is _________ season, but winter is the coldest in the year.

 A. the hot B. the hotter C. hottest D. the hottest

6. My brother enjoys _________soccer on weekends.

 A. playing B. to play C. plays D. play


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Would you like_________a soccer match on TV at my house tonight?
	A. see	B to see	C. sees	D. seeing
How old _________ she _________on her next birthday?
	A. will/be	B. was/ф	C. can/be	D. is/ф
My house is very beautiful. It’s _________beautiful _________Lan’s.
	A. more/to	B. more/ф	C. than/more	D. more/than
Nam is _________student in my class.
	A. the good	B. the better	C. the best	D. A&B
Summer is _________ season, but winter is the coldest in the year.
	A. the hot	B. the hotter	C. hottest	D. the hottest
My brother enjoys _________soccer on weekends.
	A. playing	B. to play	C. plays	D. play
_________do you often go during the summer vacation? –To my grandparents’house.
	A. Where	B. Why	C. How	D. What
We only have a _________flowers, but they have a lot.
	A. little	B. a little	C. much	D. a few
A runny nose, a slight fever, coughing and sneezing are the _________of a cold. 
	A. cures 	B. symptoms 	C. diseases	D. fever
Which _________would you like for dinner? – Oranges and mangoes. 
	A. meat 	B. fruits	C. food 	D. vegetables
My father _________a new car two months ago. 
	A. buys 	B. is buying 	C. bought	D. to buy
I _________the beef into thin stripes. 
	A. stir 	B. mix	C. slice 	D. peel
Would you like _________some photos? 
	A. take 	B. to take 	C. taking 	D. took
Jack Cousteau invented a deep-sea diving _________in the 1940s. 
	A. equipment 	B. camera 	C. vessel 	D. scuba
I _________her at the movie theater last Saturday night. 
	A. don’t meet 	B. didn’t meet 	C. won’t meet	D. can meet
Your _________is 370 C. 
	A. height 	B. weight 	C. age 	D. temperature
They enjoy _________the kites in their free time. 
	A. playing 	B. play 	C. to play 	D. A&B
The medicines just _________the symptoms of the cold. 
	a relieve	B. prevent 	C. cure	D. disappear
I don’t like durians and _________does my sister. 
	A. too 	B. so 	C. either 	D. neither
Oliver Twist is a(n) _________in the novel of Charles Dickens. 
	A. player 	B. farmer 	C. character	D. engineer
_________were you absent from school yesterday, Hoa? – I had a bad flu. 
	A. Where 	B. How 	C. What	D. Why 
Are you scared _________seeing the dentist? 
 	A. of 	B. about 	C. at 	D. for
The audience _________ the performance loudly last night. 
	A. applauds	B. applauded	C. applauding	D. will applaud
You should wash yourself regularly to ensure personal _________.
	A. health	B. teeth 	C. hygiene	D. tooth
He’s a new student here, so everything is _________to him. 
	A. strange	B. helpful 	C. similar 	D. easy
Most of the children are scared _________ the dark. 
	A. of 	B. about 	C. at	D. to
Why _________you _________the party early last night? 
	A. did/leave	B. do/leave 	C. will/leave	D. are/leaving
She needs _________a lot of vegetables and fruit. 
	A. eat 	B. eats	C. eating 	D. to eat
After the neighbor helped her with the dress, it_________very well. 
	A. fit	B. fited	C. fitted	D. fiting
Last week, the Robinsons_________to a new apartment. 
	A. move	B. moves	C. moved	D. are moving
His hobby is playing soccer. 
	A. pastime	B. activity	C. sport	D. subject
They arrive_________home in the afternoon. 
	A. in	B. at	C. to	D. ф
This cowboy hat is a_________from my trip. 
	A. shirt	B. souvenir	C. book	D. postcard
Last year, my aunt_________me a new dress. 
	A. buys	B. is buying	C. buyed	D. bought
Hoa watched her neighbor_________her dress. 
	A. make	B. makes	C. making	D. made
He wants to learn_________to use the computer. 
	A. what	B. how	C. why	D. who
What do you think_________a trip to Dat Lat. 
	A. to	B. for	C. of	D. at
It’s not difficult_________a new dress. 
	A. make	B. making	C. to make	D. to making
What_________she do yesterday?
	A. do 	B. does 	C. will 	D. did
The family returned_________Ha Noi by train.
	A. for 	B. in 	C. to 	D. back 
They stopped_________the restaurant for a rest.
	A. in 	B. on 	C. at 	D. to 
My pen pal_________to visit me next month. 
	A. is coming 	B. will come 	C. come 	D. a &b 
They kept_________touch by letter. 
	A. in 	B. at 	C. on 	D. of 
She_________but it didn’t fit. 
	A. tried it on 	B. tried it	C. tried on it 	D. tried on 
_________is a person who lives near you. 
	A. Hairdresser 	B. Neighbor 	C. Teacher 	D. Dressmaker 
The shoe store is_________Tran Phu Street. 
	A. on 	B. at 	C. from 	D. of 
He wants to learn_________tennis now. 
	A. play 	B. to play 	C. playing 	D. B&C 
I_________this car last month. 
	A. buy 	B. will buy 	C. am buying 	D. bought
Hoa is a hard-working student. She always studies _________. 
	A. badly 	B. hardly 	C. hard	D. bad 
She has_________days off than me. 
	A. much 	B. many 	C. fewer 	D. less
It took him two hours_________his test.
	A. make 	B. to make 	C. doing 	D. to do 
They returned home yesterday.	
	A. arrived home	B. came home 	C. went home 	D. all are correct 
_________did she go to the dentist last week? –Because she had a toothache.
	A. When 	B. What 	C. Why 	D. Where 
You shouldn’t eat too much sweet things_________it’s not good for your teeth. 
	A. because 	B. because of 	C. so 	D. but
I hope that she will_________better soon.
	A. feel 	B. feels 	C. to feel 	D. feeling 
She had to work_________ because she got bad marks last month.
	A. hard 	B. hardly 	C. difficult 	D. difficultly 
I was really happy_________Mark again yesterday. 
	A. see	B. to see 	C. seeing 	to seeing 
Are her parents busy now? –Yes, _________.
	A. they are 	B. he is	C. she is	D. B&C
I_________to see you tomorrow. 
	A. enjoy	B. hope	C. know	D. think
Few people like_________on the farm nowadays.
	A. work 	B. to work 	C. working 	D. b & c
He’s bad_________History, but he is good_________math. 
	A. in/at	B. to/at	C. at/at	D. at/in
Every day, I get up early to_________morning exercises. 
	A. do	B. take	C. make	D. a & b
Her parents are pleased_________she is learning well now.
	A. so 	B. because 	C. because of 	D. but 
We ought not to eat too much candy because it’s bad_________our health.
	A. with 	B. at 	C. to 	D. for 
Her mother wanted her_________up early. 
	A. a. get 	B. to get 	C. getting 	D. to getting 
I think you don’t have to worry_________that problem.
	A. of 	B. to 	C. for 	D. about 
The dentist talked_________him and smiled_________him kindly.
	A. with/at 	B. to/at 	C. to/with 	D. at/to 
I have a toothache so I’m going to the_________.
	A. nurse 	B. doctor 	C. dentist 	D. teacher 
I am always nervous before the test.
	A. worried 	B. scared 	C. serious 	D. glad
The students are waiting_________the teacher. 
	A. to	B. at	C. for	D. a & b
She needs_________those medicines. 
	A. to take	B. take	C. taking	D. A&B
Our teacher told us_________this book carefully. 
	A. read	B. to read	C. reading	D. to reading
I had a horrible cold. 
	A. terrible	B. very bad	C. common	D. A&B
The_________of flu include a headache, a high temperature and aches in the body. 
	A. symptom	B. symptoms	C. cure	D. cures
They had to fill_________their medical records. 
	A. in	B. at	C. on	D. up
Why were you absent _________ school yesterday?
	A. to	B. at	C. from	D. in
What was wrong_________you?
	A. to	B. with	C. about	D. at
Yesterday they had a_________check-up. 
	A. medical	B. medicine	C. medicines	D. medicinal
_________is a shop where you can buy medicines and a lot of other things. 
	A. Bakery	B. Toy store	C. Shoe tore	D. Drugstore
You can go back to the waiting room. 
	A. follow	B. return	C. get on	D. stand
She will be back_________a few minutes. 
	A. in	B. at	C. on	D. when
What’s your surname?
	A. middle	B. full name	C. family name	D. fore name
_________is the condition of the body when it is too hot because of illness. 
	A. Cold	B. Fever	C. Cough	D. Flu
Follow_________, please!
	A. I	B. me	C. my	D. mine
She is 145 centimeters_________.
	A. tall	B. high	C. heavy	D. old
After you take some medicines, you will feel_________.
	A. well	B. better	C. good	D. b & c
She left without_________goodbye
	A. say	B. to say	C. saying	D. to saying
I hate carrots, and I don’t like peas, _________. 	
	A. also	B. either	C. too	D. All Are Correct
I only eat_________and delicious food. 
	A. healthy	B. healthful	C. healthily	D. a & b
He ate nothing for breakfast, so he_________be hungry.
	A. had to	B. must	C. ought to	D. need to
 A: ‘I don’t like pork. ’ –B: ‘_________’
	A. So do I. 	B. So am I. 	C. I do, too. 	D. Neither do I. 
That is the key_________a healthy lifestyle.
	A. of	B. for	C. to	D. in
These medicines can make you_________better.	
	A. feel	B. to feel	C. feeling	D. for feeling
I always try to have a healthy, balanced_________. 
	A. food	B. diet	C. exercise	D. product
This food tastes_________. 
	A. well	B. badly	C. delicious	D. deliciously
 A: ‘I like spinach. ’ –B: ‘_________’
	A. Neither do I	B. Neither am I	C. So do I	D. So am I 
There was a good selection_________meat on the stall. 
	A. of	B. for	C. with	D. on
Could you_________the table for lunch	?
	A. put	B. set	C. take	D. use
Fresh fruits and vegetable are good_________you. 
	A. for	B. at	C. of 	D. on
I used her phone without her_________.
	A. know	B. knows	C. to know	D. knowing
It’s a_________baby. 
	A. heath	B. healthy	C. healthful	D. healthily
We can eat a large amount_________fresh fruit and vegetable. 
	A. of	B. for	C. to	D. on
Yesterday, they_________to the movie theater. 
	A. go	B. goes	C. went	D. are going
She told me not_________late.
	A. be	B. to be	C. being	D. to being
She went to without_________anything.
	A. say	B. to say	C. saying	D. to saying
The dentist asked him not to forget_________his teeth.
	A. brush	B. to brush	C. brushing	D. to brushing
She sings_________.
	A. beautiful 	B. nice 	C. beautifully 	D. lovely 
Everybody wished_________this activity. 
	A. keep 	B. to keep 	C. keeping 	D. to keeping 
He volunteered_________us all in his car. 
	A. take 	B. to take 	C. taking 	D. to taking 
We can learn more about the undersea world_________this invention. 
	A. because 	B. for 	C. thanks to 	D. thanks for
The number of participants_________every week.
	A. increase	B. increases	C. is increase	D. are increase 
I wish_________to the teacher about that. 
	A. explain 	B. to explain 	C. explaining 	D. to explaining 
_________is a person who swims underwater with special equipment. 
	A. Diver 	B. Scientist 	C. Participant 	D. Cyclist 
We are late, thanks to you. 
	A. because 	B. because of 	C. instead 	D. instead of 
He said that he would wait_________me. 
	A. for 	B. of 	C. to 	D. at 
We plan_________at about 3 o’clock. 
	A. arrive 	B. to arrive 	C. arriving 	D. b &c 
He ought to finish his homework before he plays tennis. 
	A. must 	B. can 	C. should 	D. will
Do you like to take part in our club?
	A. play 	B. go 	C. join 	D. get 
I am really aware_________the problem.
	A. of 	B. for 	C. about 	D. on 
I have to finish this question 
	A. must 	B. can 	C. should 	D. will 
They take a walk instead of_________bicycle. 
	A. take 	B. to take 	C. took 	D. taking 
He is learning how_________in the lake. 
	A. swim 	B. to swim 	C. swimming 	D. to swimming 
_________is a person who rides a bicycle. 
	A. Scientist 	B. Cyclist 	C. Member 	D. Participant 
I like listening to rock to music.
	A. love	B. am interested in	C. enjoy	D. All are correct
She prefers_________part in sport.
	A. take	B. to take	C. taking	D. b & c
That sounds_________to me.
	A. good	B. well	C. badly	D. unusually
His mother wanted him_________some bread. 
	A. buy	B. to buy	C. buying	D. to buying
I’m not busy on Wednesday
	A. tired	B. late	C. at home	D. free
We_________ listening to pop music to rock music.
	A. like	B. hate	C. love	D. prefer
I will wait for them_________they arrive.
	A. after	B. for	C. when 	D. until
She going to listen_________the radio.
	A. for	B. of	C. to	D. on
_________is a person who watches television.
	A. Contestant	B. Viewer	C. Member	D. Worker
TV viewers can_________in some contests.
	A. take part 	B. join 	C. interested 	D. a &b 
Are you free on Thursdays?
	A. busy 	B. at home 	C. out 	D. not busy 
In the past, some people watched TV_________the windows.
	A. in 	B. on 	C. through 	D. by 
We_________friends any more .
	A. are 	B. aren’t 	C. is 	D. isn’t 
What kinds_________program do you like?
	A. of	B. from 	C. for 	D. to 
Pop music in the short_________of ‘popular music’.
	A. form 	B. word 	C. from 	D. of 
You_________spend much time playing video game.
	A. should	B. shouldn’t	C. need	D. needn’t
The inventors of the games_________very rich.
	A. become	B. is	C. was	D. becomes
Many tennis players are_________twenty or twenty-two.
	A. so young so	B. so young as	C. as young so	D. as young as
I hate_________the housework every day.
	A. do	B. to do	C. doing	D. b & c
She soon_________the busy city traffic.
	A. use to	B. uses to	C. used to	D. got used to
She hates_________the road.
	A. cross	B. to cross	C. crossing 	D. b &c 
The noisy_________me awake at night. 
	A. takes 	B. keeps 	C. gives 	D. does 
The baby began_________.
	A. cry 	B. to cry 	C. crying 	D. b &c 
Could you help me_________the cooking?
	A. with 	B. by 	C. for 	D. to 
He teaches me_________tennis.
	A. play 	B. to play 	C. playing 	D. b &c 
_________do you do on Sunday morning? –Some shopping.
	A. How 	B. What 	C. Why 	D. Who 
Tim spends a lot of time_________video games. 
	A. play 	B. to play 	C. playing 	D. A&B 
She prefers_________badminton. 
	A. play 	B. to play 	C. playing 	D. b &c 
I _________some money from the bank to pay for my car.
	A. send 	B. borrow 	C. take 	D. give 
Children should_________in outdoor activities with their friends. 
	A. take part 	B. join 	C. come 	D. a &b 
The police caught those_________yesterday evening. 
	A. robs 	B. robbery 	C. robber	D. robbers
_________is a person who makes or thinks of something new. 
	A. Cyclist 	B. Dentist 	C. Inventor 	D. Police 
We usually fly to Beijing_________Kuala Lumpur 
	A. as long as	B. as hard as	C. as well as 	D. a &c 
I would love_________ all those places. 
	A. see 	B. to see 	C. seeing 	D. b &c 
 A: ‘I like playing tennis’. –B: ‘_________’
	A. So do I 	B. I do, too 	C. Me, too 	D. All Are Correct
Alexander Fleming was famous_________ penicillin
	A. to discovering 	B. of discovering 	C. with discovering 	D. for discovering 
She was born and_________in Spain
	A. grow 	B. grows up 	C. growing 	D. grew up 
_________is a line between two countries. 
	A. Border 	B. region	C. Battle 	D. Site 
They live in a huge house. 
	A. very beautiful	B. very big	C. colorful	D. ancient 
_________is the low land between two mountains or hills. 
	A. River 	B. Valley 	C. Beach 	D. province 
We enjoy ___________________ “Tom and Jerry” films in the evenings. 
	A. watching 	B. watched	C. watch	D. to watch
Where _________they ___________their summer vacation next year ? 
	A. do/spend 	B. will/spend	C. did/spend	D. are/spend
Look! The students ________________badminton in the school yard. 
	A. play 	B. played	C. are playing	D. A&B
My sister _______________a new book yesterday morning. 
	A. will buy 	B. is buying	C. buys	D. bought
Nobody ________________ him very well because he is new here. 
	A. know 	B. knows	C. knowing	D. A&C
Don’t forget __________________ a dictionary for me, Nam. 
	A. buy 	B. buying	C. to buy	D. bought
She was busy _________________ her homework. 
	A. doing 	B. to do	C. did	D. A&B
We can’t go out now because it _________________outside. 
	A. rained 	B. rain	C. rains	D. is raining
A: Oh, I don’t like bananas. B: _______. 
	A. I don’t either	B. I do either	C. Neither do I	D. A&C
He was only fourteen, but he is _______ his father. 
	A. as tall as 	B. taller	C. tall than 	D. as taller than
These mangoes are not ripe, and _______ are those bananas. 
	A. So 	B. Either 	C. Neither 	D. Both 
Minh always studies badly, so he is not a _______ student. 
	A. badly 	B. well 	C. bad 	D. good 
These are their shoes here and those are_______over there. 
	A. we	B. our	C. ours	D. us
Linda lives in England, so she doesn’t have _______friends in Vietnam. 
	A. much	B. a few	C. little	D. many
Mai never _________durians because she doesn't _________their smell.
	A. eats/like	B. eats/likes	C. eat/like	D. eat/likes
Nam is better _________English, but he is worse _________math than I am. 
	A. at/in	B. in/at	C. in/in	D. at/at
His new shoes are different _________mine, but his new shirt is similar_________ mine. 
	A. to/from 	B. from/to	C. with/to	D. from/from
_________science books are very interesting. 
	A. These	B. Most 	C. Those	D. all are correct
All the students enjoy_________cartoon films on the weekend. 
	A. to watch	B. watch	C. watching	D. watched
It is easy_________a bike, but it’s difficult _________a car.
	A. to ride/to drive	B. to drive/to ride	C. riding/driving	D. driving/to ride
We have no money, but Tom has ____________. 
	A. many 	B. a little	C. few	D. a few
It’s not far from here to my school, so I often walk. 
	A. long	B. tall	C. heavy	D. near
Hoa is unhappy because she knows ___________here. 
	A. someone	B. anyone	C. no one	D. everyone
It often ___________me 15 minutes to go to school by bike. 
	A. takes 	B. gets	C. gives	D. has
Tom is as young as Mai, so they are the same ___________. 
	A. old	B. year	C. years old 	D. age
Of all schools in this town, mine is ___________. 
	A. the largest	B. the larger	C. the large	D. the more large
He wants to learn _________ to use the computer. 
	A. what	B. how 	C. why	D. where
I write letters to my parents _________.
	A. a time a week 	B. once a week 	C. one every week 	D. one time a week 
There is _________fresh air in big cities than in the countryside. 
	A. much 	B. fewer 	C. more 	D. less
A: “_________do you write to each other?” B: - “once or twice every two weeks”
	A. How many 	B. How far 	C. How often	D. How heavy
Mai looks ______________in her new dress.
	A. more beautifully 	B. beautifully	C. more beautiful	D. beauty
We can learn more_________the undersea world thanks_________Jacques Cousteau’s invention.
	A. about/on	B. about/to 	C. on/to	D. on/for
Are you scared __________seeing the dentist?
 	A. in	B. at	C. for	D. of
Dr. Lai filled the __________in Minh’s tooth last Tuesday. 
	A. mouth	B. cavity	C. record	D. stomach
The__________of the cold are : a runny nose, a slight fever, coughing and sneezing. 
 	A. appearances 	B. cures 	C. signs 	D. symptoms
Hoa is learning__________a sewing machine. 
 	A. to use 	B. what to use 	C. how using 	D. how to use
Tom __________to the zoo with his parents last Saturday. 
 	A. go	B. goes	C. went	D. is going
He __________come to school yesterday because it was Sunday. 
	A. didn’t	B. doesn’t	C. won’t	D. isn’t
------THE END------

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